viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2019

VIDEO TUTORIAL mini álbum navideño de una estructura original.

Hello everybody,

Here is Svetafka.
The Christmas is comming. This is family day for my family. Usually I have 6-8 good group photos after this day-night. And I desided that I need smal album for only this party).

I created Mini album for Christmas night photos from Cozy Winter collection.

I used a Craft backing from a chipboard package , a little powdered them with white acrylic paint.

It's a very useful thing and I'm glad I found a use for it)

Also chipboards by Kora for decoration of cover were used median houseand narrow houses.

My album have the frames on every sheets with size 6 x 8 cm, it is the size of card from sheet Home, sweet home. or smal photo.

All sheets of Cozy Winter collection were used.

Also many elements are from Lovely family sheet and from Home, sweet home were useful for me.

I really enjoyed creating this mini album and I hope you love them)

Thank you for watching of my tutorials!

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