miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2020

Caja forrada con Ecopiel/ Eco-leather box.

Hello! I'm Lida Chernyshova, and now I wanted to show you the beautiful boxes that can be done with Kora's papers and chipboards.

For our box, we 'll need:
- Fabric 23x25 cm
- Fabric at joint 20х4 cm
- Cardboard 19.5x9.3 cm (2 pcs)
- Cardboard, 19.5x2.1 cm (1 pc)
- Floss 19.5 х21.5 cm
- Watercolor paper 27x17 cm
- Paper 19.2x9 cm
- Paper for box 8.9х18.9 cm
1.9х18.9 cm
1.9x8.9 cm (2 pcs)
- Elements to decorate

Fold the box according to the diagram

We apply cardboard elements to the flax at a distance of 3-4 mm.

Tighten the lid of the box with cloth, glue the tapes and draw on the sewing machine around the perimeter. Stick the fabric to the joint and then stick the paper onto the open part of the lid. We use paper Holy Mint Day - Son of god.

Cut the flowers out of a sheet of paper Holy Mint Day- Mint sunrise.

We cover hot embossing cutting and chipboard Branch with berries, Charry branch.

We apply dots to the berries on the chipboard Charry branch and sprinkle yellow powder.

We begin to decorate the box cover. First thing we stick the lace

Next we stick the background chipboard Background tears.

We supplement in the cut-out flowers

Next step we add flowers and lace

And we 'll add some more chipboard and cutting parts to our composition.

That's all! Beautiful chocolate box ready!
Thanks for attention!

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  1. Espectacular lo bonita que queda la caja así. Sin duda una bonita manera de presentar cualquier regalo. Me da que pondré en práctica la idea. Mil gracias.